Who’s running this show, anyway?

The Buena Band programs are headed by Mr. Brad Gallant (Instruments) and Katie Tinnell (Guard) . In addition, there are many student leaders that give guidance to the students. There are three drum majors, who are responsible for making things happen on the field. Each section of the band and color guard has one or more student leaders, known as section leaders, who are also responsible for giving support and guidance to the students. The section leaders are the first point of contact for students when they have questions.

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Parent Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Game Days

What happens on game days?

What snacks are students given at the football games?

Competition Days

What happens on competition days?

At this time, all competitions are cancelled for the fall of 2020.

Parade Days

What happens on Parade Days?


When does my student get her/his formal band uniform?

We planning evening events for students to get fitted for uniforms (mostl likely the first 2 weeks of school). We welcome anyone with sewing experience to help up mend and tailor the uniforms.

Do the students always wear their uniform to football games?

During the first few weeks of games it is HOT, so an alternate uniform will be provided (most liklely a hat and t-shirt) and the students wear jeans.


Do I need to send food or snacks with my child on Game/Competition Days?

What snacks are students given at the football games?


Do all families need to volunteer to help?

How do I find out about the volunteer opportunities? And do I need training?
The band programs and directors rely heavily on parent volunteers to make the band program successful. The students and directors CANNOT do it all alone. Check out the volunteer opportunities under our " Volunteer" menu link. There are activities that can be done online also!

I am so busy, but how can I help?

There are hundreds of things that you can do to be active as a booster. One of the most important things you can do is to attend booster meetings. These meetings are where you should ask questions and voice your concerns adeas about the organization's activities. This is where the decisions are made, and you should be part of that. Additional ways to help out are to volunteer to chaperone, participate in fund raisers, help out with concessions, uniforms, travel, or the "Pit Crew". We have volunteer opportunities that can also be done remotely/online!

I am new, do you really need me?

Regardless of your occupation or area of experience there are many services you would be able to provide to a band program. The following is an incomplete list of occupations or professions that would be great assets to a band program: Accountants, Nurses, EMTs, Paramedics, Doctors, Welders, Equipment Operators, Electricians, Sound Technicians, Website Designers, Carpenters, Truck Drivers, Cooks, Metal Workers, Machinists, Painters. Another important thing to do as a new band parent is get involved right away; do not wait for someone to ask you to help. Many times a small nucleus of members do the majority of the work. There may be several reasons for this, but many times it is because they fear rejection from other parents, do not know who is willing to help, or are too busy getting things done to recruit new members. New band parents are like new band students because they are "not new by the end of the season". First year marchers are expected to learn their music and march their drill just like the seniors. First year band parents should do the same. Do not wait a year or two to get involved. The time will go by much too quickly.


Can my student borrow an instrument?

Please contact Mr. Gallant for information on how to borrow an instrument.

Rehearsals/Band Camp

Are there special clothing requirements for practices?

What happens at a typical marching band practice?

What is Band Camp?


How can I help raise funds for the band programs?

- Become a member of Buena Bands! - Click here to donate through the Arizona Taz Credit. You do not need to have a student enrolled in school to contribute! Please share with other Arizona friends! - Participate in our different yearly fundraisers (TBA) - Micro-donations through Amazon and Fry's! Click here to learn more!

Why do we always do so many fundraisers?

Thousands of dollars are spent each season on fielding a marching band and for marching and concert clinicians. Some programs will spend over $100,000.00 each year for their program. In most cases, the band boosters must generate this money. Several events will have to take place to raise the needed funds. Some of the expenses that a band may incur are: Uniform cleaning, fuel, buses, bus drivers, food & water, drill design, music arrangements, band staff, lodging, band camp, scholarships, occasional repairs to uniforms and appliances for concessions.

Spirit Wear

How do I get Buena Band spiritwear?



Does anyone take pictures during the games, contests, or concerts?

Where do I go to find information about the Buena High School band programs?

Currently there are two websites where parents and student can find information about the band program, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, band calendars, and more. The Band website is www.buenabands.org. Please go look around at all of the information posted on that site. The Buena Music website is more parent-focused with information on upcoming band support events and volunteer needs.

How does my student apply for a booster scholarship?

We are currently updating that information.

What activities are available to students who are not in marching band?

There are other music ensembles offered through the high school. Please see Mr. Gallant for information on how to join a non-marching ensemble.

What is "Mass Band" Night?

Mass Band Night is a wonderful opportunity for the local middle school bands to join the Marching Colts in pre-game! The date will be announced through the local band programs at Joyce Clark Middle School, Palominas School District, and Colonel Smith Middle School.


Is there a Facebook page?

There are a few Facebook pages floating out there! - Buena Music is the "official" page for our booster group - Buena Bands is a "person" and that page has great historical photos and such. - Buena Bands Association is an old page we cannot access, it does not have current information. - Mr. Gallant plans on making year-specific pages in the future. We will post as soon as we know!

I'm not on social media, how will I know what is going on?

You can subscribe to this site to receive email notifications when information is posted to the "NEWS" page.

What is CHARMS?

CHARMS is a website used by many bands as a communication tool. It allows the band director and boosters to keep students and parents updated on events, emails, news, and more. To learn more about CHARMS, please visit the website at https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/parents.asp You will be notified by the Band Director on how to access the system.

Is there a YouTube channel?


When are the booster meetings?

We plan to have our schedule posted soon! Click here for minutes.


Who do I turn in my BBA Membership form to?

Contact Clindy Asato for membership questions.

Why should you become a member of BBA?

The primary reason for the booster organization is to support your children. The music, showmanship, spectacle and pageantry of the marching and concert band experiences are also reasons that you may participate as a band booster. The friendships you will make and the enjoyment of participating in this activity are other benefits you will realize. But first and foremost, this is for your child and his/her classmates.

20-21 Covid FAQs

What is the latest information on BAND starting the 21-20 Academic Year

Plans are becoming finalized for the return to marching band this fall!