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About Us

Buena Music

aka Buena Bands Association (BBA)


What does BBA do for the students?

The BBA provides financial assistance helping to defray the costs of key items such as instrument purchases, maintenance and repair, marching music and drill design, additional band technicians for marching, percussion and color guard assistance, props, uniform repairs and replacement, equipment trailers and transportation, a music library, as well as scholarships. It’s not all about money, however; the boosters also provide physical and moral support to our bands by moving equipment, chaperoning trips, cheering from the stands and much more. Be sure to check out the Volunteer section to learn more about all the ways you can help.

What does BBA do for you?

But joining band boosters is not all about what you can do for the band – it’s also about what being a booster can do for you! As one long-time band parent puts it, “Band Boosters is where I go to find out what’s really happening in band from a parents’ point of view. I know I can ask ‘parent-to-parent’ questions such as ‘Does it matter if we miss a practice’ or ‘my child doesn’t have time to do his homework – how does yours get it done’? Taking an active role as a band parent keeps me involved in my teenager’s life, and I’ve made some great friends along the way. The band kids are taught to ‘band together’, and the Band Boosters keeps the parents banding together as well.”


When does BBA meet?

Band booster meetings are held monthly at 6:00pm in the high school band room unless otherwise announced (Board meetings are open and will only be closed for special circumstances). We endeavor to FINISH the meetings within an hour, and we encourage all booster members to attend! Check the calendar for the specific dates of the meetings.

For more information or to become a band booster, please contact our President.

Your 2022-23 BBA Board

President: Jen Dorris

Vice-President: Kimberly Anderson

Treasurer: Crystal Strapazzon

Concessions: LaRay Mayrhofen

Secretary: Diana Montijo

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